We need at least two, and often more, volunteers on each of our three expeditions per year. Dates for the expeditions are typically:

Spring: early March to early May

Summer: mid July to end of August

Autumn: mid October to early December

Prospective volunteers should be available for at least one month without any commitments requiring their return to the mainland. Communications from the island are limited to post (approximately twice per week) and phone calls; internet and email facilities are not normally available.

Field work with the Soay sheep involves long hours and often very rough weather conditions. The terrain is extremely hard and a high level of fitness is required, especially for the spring and summer trips when there is catching to be done. Since conditions are potentially dangerous and the site is remote, volunteers need to be highly responsible individuals who do not take unnecessary risks.

Volunteers are reimbursed economy travel from within the UK and provided with accommodation, food and a small sum to cover other expenses on the island.

Most volunteers seem to thoroughly enjoy their experience and some come back for more. St. Kilda is one of the most amazing places to spend time and the experience of living and working in a small team for a few weeks is excellent training for prospective PhD students or anyone thinking of a career in ecological or behavioural research.

If you are interested in volunteering please email your CV and the contact details for two referees to the project field assistant, Mrs. Jill Pilkington. j.pilkington@ed.ac.uk