Research Assistants

   Jill Pilkington  

Jill has worked as the field assistant on the Soay Sheep Project since 1990, collecting data on thousands of individuals and teaching hundreds of volunteers how to collect data and handle the sheep. Jill has recently been awarded an MBE for her professional and personal commitment to the project.


Hannah Lemon  

I am currently Lab Manger for the Ecology Within project and have been in this role since March 2019. I have worked at Edinburgh University on various projects within the Institute of Evolutionary Biology since 2016 doing both field and lab work.  I initially worked on the St Kilda Soay Sheep Project while carrying out lab work for the Pemberton Group.  My job covers many aspects of the project, as well as developing molecular lab techniques I am lucky enough to also be involved with the fieldwork on St Kilda and help with the computational and statistical analysis.  

Xavier Bal  
Xavier Bal

I have been involved in the field work with the St Kilda Soay Sheep Project since 2014 and I am now Research Assistant for the Ecology Within project. My main role is to collect the faecal samples on St Kilda and to co-ordinate with the core data collection in the field. When I’m not on island I work in the lab at Edinburgh University helping with the preparation of the faecal samples for various types of sequencing.